Who or what motivates you?

We’ve all said it, ” I really should be doing (fill in the blank) but I just can’t seem to get motivated today. I need someone or something to get me motivated.” So we sit back and wait for motivation to come knocking , either right before or right after opportunity, and nothing happens.

A Google search of motivational speeches and speakers will bring up a list of hits that would take weeks to read  and years to watch. The motivation industry is huge. Some people spend a lot of their time and money chasing after motivation. You might call them professional motivation seeker!

The problem is that nothing or no one can motivate you but yourself. You can be inspired by someone. Friends or peers may encourage you. You may act to avoid negative consequences or to obtain positive rewards, but motivation comes from within.

Inspiriration, support and encouragement are important, especially when we encounter struggles or roadblocks.  It is our choice to allow the above to motivate us. We choose to act.

“Your destiny is determined by the choices you make. Choose now, choose well.” Anthony Robbins



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