Live Simple, Live Healthy, Live Doing What You Love

I would like to invite you to the new Live Your Future Now blog! In the past this blog’s focus has been on living a life free from clutter, removing the objects and activities that keep you from doing the things you love.  That focus has not changed.

What I realize now is that there is so much more to achieving this lifestyle then just cleaning out your closets and garages. It can be a long and sometimes painful journey full of small successes and setbacks. You not only need to remove the material objects that are weighing you down, but the physical and emotional obstacles as well.


This new banner shows the goal I have for my life. Future blog posts will be about my journey to achieve that goal. I will write about the things that help me make progress and tools which move me past obstacles. I will write about the things that cause me setbacks. My hope is that along the way you will find some encouragement and practical resources to help you achieve your goals.

Here is an update of my progress since my last post in May. I am still running on a regular basis and have reduced my 5K time to under 36 minutes. I still have not entered an official 5K race but plan to do so this year. To improve on my times, I will need to do more exercises geared to strengthening my core and glutes.

I’m not sure what my weight was in my last post, but I do know I weighed 194 pounds on February 21st and I weighed 158 on August 22nd. I am not on any diet plan, just making healthier food choices. There will be future posts on the subject of healthy eating.

Although I have done some writing since my last post, I still have some fears and obstacles to overcome to be anywhere near my goals for my writing. I believe I can make a difference for some people through my writing and also generate some income from my efforts.

At this time, my biggest challenge is in the area of living doing what I love as my current job is definitely not what I love.

Your goals and struggles may not be the same as mine, but we can all learn from each other’ experiences. If you have read this far, then maybe something is striking a chord with you and I invite you to follow my blog, like my Facebook page and leave a comment on this post. Please share this with anyone you believe may benefit from my blog. Join me on my journey.

I want to leave you with a video that has inspired me to push myself. I watch it almost every day. I hope it inspires you also. Follow this link Unbroken


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