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Caring for Yourself.

How do you continue on when no one seems to care?

In my post Fantasy Starts, False Starts, and Failed Starts I stated that I was going to use this blog to share the struggles I am facing in reaching my goals with the hope that the sharing would help both me and any readers that may also be struggling. Well, I’m struggling and now I’m sharing.

I am not having much problem with eating healthier and losing weight. My wife actually got a head start on healthy eating and weight loss, so she is preparing healthy meals for us and holding me accountable for my diet.  I’ve lost 5 more pounds since that post and I seldom eat any junk food.

Running has even been going well. I get out to run/walk 2 to 3 times each week and have improved my 5K time from 58 minutes to just over 45 minutes. My goal is to get under 40 minutes, then enter a 5K race. I think I am on track to achieve this goal.

Where I am struggling the most is in my writing. I have not written a single word on any of my fiction short stories since I posted that as a goal. I had to renew my domain site writerrick.com and my wife questioned the wisdom of spending $50 on something nobody reads anyway. That is my biggest discouragement.  My last post on motivation had one reader.  It was a man named Karol Gajda from Poland, a blogger and author who inspires me. I wasn’t expecting thousands or even hundreds of hits, but I did post the link on my Facebook page and not one of my family or friends went to my blog.

So, how do I continue when no on else cares? By caring myself and not worrying whether anyone else cares. So I will continue to attempt reaching my goals and I will continue to report my struggles here. I will not advertise these posts about my struggles on my Facebook page. If someone reads this because they reached my blog for other content, that is fine. Meanwhile, I will motivate myself and move forward.