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What if I Stumble?

I was just past the halfway point of my 5k run, feeling strong and on pace to finish in under 35 minutes for the first time when it happened. Just the smallest bit of the tip of my left foot caught on a piece of upraised sidewalk. I stumbled a couple of steps trying to regain my balance before finally face planting and eating some concrete. My nose and upper lip were a bloody mess along with scraped knees and some assorted bruises. None of my injuries were serious and just needed some cleaning, ice and time to heal.

Responses from my friends, family and coworkers varied from telling me that maybe I was too old, running is dangerous, or I should stick to running on a treadmill to those who told me to get back on the horse and ride. My favorite response was from a great niece of mine who is a runner. She told me a true runner is one who, when injured, counts the days before they can run again!

Now I had a choice to make. I could use this fall as an excuse to quit. Maybe I am too old to run and should stick to walking. If I keep running, I am going to fall again and next time I may not be so lucky. Who would blame me if I quit? Today, I chose to get back on the horse and ride. Two weeks after my fall, I ran 5K today! My time was 3 minutes off of my best time, but it felt like a major victory. I did not quit. I stumbled, but got back up. This is a change for me  as in the past I often quit after a fall.

It really felt good not to quit. Maybe it will become a habit.

Persevere, don’t quit. There is always an answer!