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Fantasy Starts, False Starts, and Failed Starts

Most of us could make a long list of things we want to start.  Many lists would include starting habits traditionally found in New Year’s resolutions. This year I’m going to exercise more, eat healthier, start saving more money, volunteer my time….blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. etc. Some items would be more personal. This is the spring I’m going to build that deck I’ve been talking about for years, the summer I will take the family camping, the fall I take those cooking classes or the winter I start writing my novel.

Too often most of the items on our lists amount to no more than fantasy starts.  We picture the evenings we spend on our new deck or the restaurant quality meals we will whip up in the kitchen, and that is as far as we get. Don’t get me wrong, visualizing a successful outcome is helpful in reaching your goal.  Visualizing the steps and hard work it will take to accomplish your goal is much more productive.

If we get past the fantasy stage, then we may fall victim to a false start.  We draw up plans for the deck, calculate the materials we need and get expert advice on how to proceed and go no further. I am the king of false starts.  Live Your Future Now has been without a new post for over 2 years.  This article you are reading now was started in September of 2013!

One item on my list for years has been to be a successful writer, not just of a blog, but also of short stories. Three years ago I purchased the domain Writerrick.com and have not even purchased hosting much less published anything.  I have 4, or is it 5, short stories started and no good reason why I haven’t finished even one.

While writing is at the top of my list, I also want to run a 5K this year, lose 15 more pounds, (I’ve already lost 15 since February 20th) and improve my interpersonal and spiritual relationships. Sounds like a lot to attempt and it won’t be easy.

To help me achieve these goals, I am changing the mission of Live Your Future Now. I will use this blog to discuss my struggles, successes, and the materials I have found to help me along the way.  I’m not doing this to receive encouragement and congratulations, although I will take all I can get.  The reason is to keep me writing, hold me accountable and hopefully help others reach their goals.

It would foolish to believe I will succeed in everything I attempt. There will be some starts where I try my best but fail.  Maybe the goal was not realistic or I did not plan properly.  I will learn from the experience, replan and start again.

While there will still be occasional posts on living a simple, uncluttered life as I have not abandoned my minimalistic ideas, the majority of posts will be on my writing and running goals.

Most people reading this blog at this time are my family and friends. To reach my goal of being a successful writer I need to expand my audience. If you feel any of my posts may be helpful to one of your friends, please share it with them. Let them join me in my journey.

P.S. I both ran and wrote today, so today was a good day! See the poem below.

(a poem? by Rick McCarthy)
I ran today. Feet flying over pavement.
I do not know whether I run to escape or arrive.
I do not care.
All I know is-
I ran today. I will continue to run
For as long as my heart provides life’s blood
For as long as oxygen flows through my brain.
I will run until my body can no longer.
And then … I am done.

I wrote today. Fingers flying over keyboard.
I do not know whether I write to escape or arrive.
I do not care.
All I know is-
I wrote today. I will continue to write
For as long as my heart provides life’s stories.
For as long as ideas flow through my brain.
I will write until my soul can no longer.
And then … I am done.